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It's about learning how to think, NOT  fight.

Spirit Training Syllabus - It's all in the details

The Spirit Taekwondo training syllabus is designed to mature the individual in all areas, including mental emotional and physical. Developing the ability to problem solve (think outside the box) and be creative whilst under pressure.

These essential skill's are developed through the pedagogy and the training methods of Taekwondo.

How To Use Your Belt Syllabus

White - Green Belt : 10th - 5th kup Syllabus

1. Print a copy of your belt syllabus to bring to class.

As you progress through your training tick the "RED" box next to the component of your Taekwondo practice that you have completed.

Once your instructor has sighted and approved your standard ready for grading they will tick the "Black" box.

2. Once all the "Black" approval boxes have been ticked by your instructor, you will receive an official grading nomination approval, which is to be signed by your instructor.

3. Note:

Remember it's your job to make sure you remember all your belt requirements for your grading, so practice, practice, practice.

For further syllabus information speak to your instructor or log into your student site account.

Jung Shin

Green - Red Belt : 5th - 1st kup Syllabus