“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”

                                                                                                                             - Joseph Campbell


The Black belt is more than a representation of physical ability, and more of a way of thinking. Many would even go so far as to call it a way of life. This is represented in the "Do" in the name Taekwondo, which loosely translates to "Way".

As part of the development to achieve a black belt, students must demonstrate the principles and attitudes that define true black belt attributes and values, both in and outside of the Dojang (Training Hall). This is done through a unique testing process we call the " Black Belt Do Test".

For much of the martial arts industry, the journey to black belt is steeped in mystery with training conducted behind closed doors, open only to a few. The aim of the Spirit Taekwondo Dan testing syllabus is to make this journey a transparent and inspirational one, providing Spirit members and the community at large a deeper understanding and inspiration from the journey taken.

The Black Belt Journey "Do"

In addition to the physical grading test, the Spirit Black Belt test will be conducted over a period of months were the candidate aims to achieve specific goals which they themselves determine and publicly announce to the Spirit members and community.

They will be held accountable in the attainment of these goals and can only attempt the physical Dan grading once these goals have been completed.

Clear and Transparent

This process of setting and achieving your Dan goals will be logged and shared publicly on the "Spirit Do - The Black Belt Journey" Facebook page.

This perspective gives the community a clear and transparent look at what it means to be a black belt, both in and outside of the Dojang, as well as the training process. Furthermore, the declaration also holds the candidate accountable to achieve their goals.

As a dan grade, you are required to look inwards and refine what you have. Take the time to really test what you have and discover a deeper level of mastery.

The following requirements of the Black Belt Do Test are to be defined by the candidate:


1. Physical growth -  Achieve full range of flexibility, or complete a physical trial: ie Tough Mudder.

2. Mental growth - Complete achieve a specific level and grade in a study subject -  i.e: Certificate 3 etc.

3. Personal goal -  These goals can as simple as repairing a broken relationship or steps towards financial freedom.

4. Community contribution - Be of value for a minimum of 20 hours, or  achieve a specific community goal.

5. Personal sacrifice - Give up something for a specific period of time. This could be as simple as a change in diet or as complex as time spent not talking or without sight.

All goals must be listed in writing and will be publicly announced on the Spirit Do - The Black Belt Journey Facebook page.

Furthermore, the candidate's progress in achieving their goals must be documented and or blogged for other spirit members to read/watch and be inspired by.

If the candidate is currently involved or conducting an activity or project that meets one of the “Do Testing” requirements it can be submitted as part of your test application.

Current and previous goals and achievements from Do tests can be viewed here in the Spirit Do - The Black Belt Journey

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