Leadership & Project Based Leadership Training (P.B.L.T)

Building community leaders

What is "Project based leadership training, and what has it to do with Taekwondo? Both very good questions.

The concept of PBLT is derived from what, or more to the point "who" we want our black belts to be.

We all know that there is much more to be drawn from martial arts training than just kicking and punching, the question is how do we pass on the attributes of courage, strength under pressure, decision making skills and leadership.

Heavily influenced by Master teachers Tom Callos and Gary Engles, Spirit understands that just like the physical techniques of Taekwondo, these qualities need to be practised. Which is why "Project Based Leadership training" is a core component and an essential part of the Spirit Taewkwondo sylibus.  

The aim is to develop well rounded, creative and community focused inderviduals who have the strength and skills to contribute to others in their community, with the aim of lifting values and inspiring others.

In short " Taking the principles that we learn and teach in Taekwondo, out of the Dojang ( training hall) and into the world" :  ( quote ) - Tom Callos

So.....How's it work?

Once the students have aquired the grade of 5th Kup ( Green stripe Belt ), they are required to build and develop their communication and leadership skills through leadership training or their own community contribution projects

J.S.A. Leadership Training:

J.S.A - Jung Shin Attitude leadership training is conducted on Friday afternoons for students who meet the criteria.

Throughout these sessions student are taugh and teaching skills, and are then ask to put them into practice whilst under the guidence and supervision of a seniour instructor.

P.B.L.T. projects:

These projects are required to involve 2 or more people, and can draw upon Spirit Taekwondo as a resource.

As the student grow and mature, so do we expect the size, grandure and influence of the projects, empowering the indervidual and lifting the community at the same time.

The Next Step

As students work through their projects, all aspect are documented and collated, forming a "Project Portfolio". The aim of which is to serve as proof of their attibutes and skills, and assist them in the pursuit of future oppitunities.

Below are some images of Spirit Leadership training and student projects:

Bear Cottage Fund Raiser - By Gabrella Blewitt

Gaby Blewitt (age 8) designed a community project to help people this Christmas as part of a unique leadership program at Spirit Taekwondo.

Spirit Taekwondo is a martial art school based in Brookvale headed by instructors Jason Smith & Anne Marie Smith. The leadership program helps teach young students the importance of leadership, mentoring and helping in our community.

On Sunday 13th December the Spirit Taekwondo centre doors opened for Gaby to host a gingerbread house making extravaganza for her friends and family to help raise some much needed funds for Bear Cottage, Manly. 

Over 50 families joined the event to make 40 beautiful gingerbread houses, Gaby also sold hundreds of raffle tickets, sausage sizzles & fun games to reach her goal for this worthy cause.

As a result of all of Gaby's hard work and all the kind contributions from local business Gaby and her team managed to raise $1,526 for the Bear Cottage.

Outstanding work Gaby.

Kid's OT : Kick-A-Thon

The Kick 'a'Thon is an event created by Kid's OT in Frenches Forest and their Martial Methods team who assist kids with a broad arrey of learning and developmental dificulties through a vast arrey of disciplines and therapies.

Members of the Spirit Taekwondo leadership team assisted the Kid's OT teams and their students in the raising of fund for the Sydney children's hospital and their Kids with Cancer support programs.

Cromer community centre

Spirit Taekwondo leadership students took part in the refacing of the Cromer community center in a Warringah council project coordinated by Artist Fiona Verity.

The Spirit leaders were happy to create some creative mosiacs for the mureal made from a mixture of natural matrials and broken tiles which were kindly donated from tiling shops, and reflects Fionas passion for birds and local wildlife.

Following the creation of the indervidual mosiacs a tiler helped fix them to the wall and the leaders and community were invited to the official opening and launch of the artwork.

NSW Fire Services and Red Cross

Spirit Leaders assisted in the collection of emergency supplies for those effected by Blue Mountains bush fires, as well as the raising of funds for the NSW Fire services and Red Cross to assist in the rescue care of those most effected .

Spirit Taekwondo pty ltd     ACN: 601 211 661     3/13 Dale St, Brookvale, Sydney, NSW, 2100, Australia

Spirit Taekwondo pty ltd     ACN: 601 211 661     3/13 Dale St, Brookvale, Sydney, NSW, 2100, Australia

Out of the dojang and into the world

-Tom Callos

copyright © spirit Taekwondo i 2005

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