Bear Cottage Fund Raiser - Designed by Gabriella Blewitt

Gabriella Blewitt hosted a gingerbread house making extravaganza at the Spirit Taekwondo Dojang to raise much-needed funds for the Bear Cottage, Manly. 

Over 50 families joined the event to make 40 beautiful gingerbread houses, Gaby also sold hundreds of raffle tickets, organised a sausage sizzle & fun games to reach her goal.

As a result of all of Gaby's hard work and all the kind contributions from local business Gaby and her team managed to raise $1,526 for the Bear Cottage.

Cromer community centre

Spirit Taekwondo leadership students took part in the refacing of the Cromer community center in a Warringah council project coordinated by Artist Fiona Verity.

The Spirit leaders were happy to create some creative mosaics for the Muriel made from a mixture of natural materials and broken tiles which were kindly donated from tiling shops and reflects Fiona’s passion for birds and local wildlife.

Following the creation of the individual mosaics, a tiler helped fix them to the wall and the leaders and community were invited to the official opening and launch of the artwork.

NSW Fire Services and Red Cross

Spirit Leaders assisted in the collection of emergency supplies for those affected by the Blue Mountains bush fires, as well as the raising of funds for the NSW Fire services and Red Cross to assist in the rescue care of those most affected.

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The Spirit Community Ride - Designed by Lucien Brianchon

Leadership student Lucien Brianchon wowed the local community by teaming up with Tour De Cure Australia to raise funds for Camp Quality, a charity focused on the care and treatment of kids with cancer and their families.

Lucien and his dad Jean-Paul were able to reach out to fellow Taekwondo students, school friends, and the local community to sign up just short of 100 bike riders to take part in a sponsored bike ride conducted over 2 weeks.

The ride would focus on the Tour De Cure motto of “ Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program” requiring all riders to take part in a bike ride, complete a fitness challenge, joke-telling, and eating plenty of fruit.

The ride saw a total of 85 kids ride a collective 1500 Kilometres, knock out an impressive 1200 push up’s and 1200 sit-up’s, endure a staggering 26 minutes of plank holds, and reciting hundreds of bad jokes, resulting in the raising of $17,400.

Combating Alzheimer’s - Designed by Nick Carroll

Nick Carroll managed and organised a team of fellow students to run a coffee and snacks stall during a Taekwondo event with the intent of raising money for Alzheimer’s Australia.

Over a period of 2 days, Nick and his team sold toasted banana bread, ham and cheese toasted sandwiches, tea and coffee as well as many other snacks resulting in the raising of $564, which was gratefully received by the charity.

Showing that we care - Designed by Olivia Sheridan

Olivia Sheridan warmed the hearts of many in her project to combat loneliness by working with fellow students and friends to create a stunning array of hand made greeting cards for the elderly. The cards contained warm and caring remarks handwritten by Olivia and her teammates for delivery and distribution at a local aged care home during the Easter season.

Upon completion, Olivia and her team took the time to visit a local aged care home and kindly distribute the cards as well as spend some time with the elderly.





These projects are required to involve 2 or more people and can draw upon Spirit Taekwondo as a resource.

As the student grows and matures, so do we expect the size, grandeur and influence of the projects, empowering the individual and lifting the community at the same time.


As students work through their projects, all aspects are documented and collated, forming a "Project Portfolio". The aim of which is to serve as proof of their attributes and skills, and assist them in the pursuit of future opportunities.

Below are some images of Spirit Leadership training and student projects:  

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