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Kumdo: The Way of the Sword

For students 10yrs and older.

The name Kumdo means "The Way of the Sword" and is practised through the training of 5 core components. These elements are essential for the well rounded development of the martial arts body, mind and spirit.

Furthermore the practise of Kumdo is a natural extension of Korean martial practice as it heavily emphasises basic training principles from the ground up.

The core elements of practice are:

Basic’s, Patterns, Sparring, meditation and cutting.

Archery is also practised as a further extension of sword skill, enhancing the focus on breathing, posture and a relaxed state of mind, whilst under pressure.

Welcoming to participants of a broad range and ability, Kumdo’s strength comes from it’s unity of the swords person and the sword, working together to perform as one.

Extend your body

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