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  “If children have interest, education happens”

- Sir Arthur C Clarke.

Kid’s Programs: The Little Warriors Club - 5yr +

Spirit is a Martial art school devoted to enhancing and assisting in the development of young lives, through our training syllabus which is designed to build not just martial arts ability but also life skills.

Studies have shown that the advantages to children practicing martial arts are highly beneficial, and range from academic growth, to a full range of mental and physical development.

Through participating in Spirit's "Little Warriors" Taekwondo syllabus, children are able to develop self confidence, self discipline and focus, whilst at the same time build upon their fine and gross motor skills, coordination, flexibility and self awareness.

The little Warriors program provides your child with a constructive and fun way to develop skills in an exciting and safe environment. Helping them to get over those hurdles that may be holding them back from fulfilling their full potential.

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